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Dr. Brown, Pediatric Dental Care of Virginia

“I just wanted to treat my staff to an outing and bonding day. But thought it might be a good idea to also have a speaker present to give some pointers/training to the staff. So I did my search online and saw Wade’s profile and got in touch with him. This was a short notice activity I wanted to include in the busy day.
Once Wade started his training I quickly realized I underestimated his potential and wished I had him for the whole day instead of just 2 hours.
The training with Wade was exceptional and not enough time. It enhanced the staff to a higher, more motivated level and I could clearly see a difference the Monday after our weekend retreat. Obviously now the staff wants a follow up. I definitely intend on inviting Wade and his wife to our next yearly retreat.
I recommend Wade to anyone that wants to bond their staff together. And, please take at least half a day for the entertaining, motivational, and educational training you will receive from this fine gentleman.”

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