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Standing Ovation Public Speaking System

Banish Stage Fright, Put Away Your Notes, and Strut Your Way into the Speaking Spot Light

You may find that speaking before an audience is nerve racking and frustrating at times. During the past few months, I have seen several speakers stand in front of an audience “looking like deer in headlights” and forget their entire speech. Recently, I witnessed another speaker before a group, but after a few minutes of his remarks several disinterested audience member began their own personal conversations and other members rudely left the event. As a result, the speaker became so frustrated that he left the stage prior to completing his speech. If these speakers had been properly trained, they would not have had these embarrassing situations.

Avoid stage fright and other disastrous speaking situations by learning the new Standing Ovation Speaking System by professional speaker Wade Randolph. This new speaking system will teach you how to speak with confidence and deliver an unforgettable speech before any audience. Take a moment to imagine, walking confidently to the front of the stage before the audience. Then your opening remarks create an iron clad connection with the audience as you deliver a speech that keeps them hanging on every word of your message. At the end of you speech, the audience erupts in applause! This can be your reality, when you learn the new Standing Ovation Speaking System!

The Standing Ovation Speaking System is designed by professional speaker and author, Wade Randolph. Mr. Randolph has been speaking professional speaker for the past eleven years. He has traveled nationally and internationally speaking to various audiences throughout his speaking career. Additionally, He is one of the few professional speakers to give a live presentation in Westminster Hall in London, England. Wade has been personally trained by one of the top speakers in the world, Les Brown and World Champion of Public speaking, Craig Valentine He is a certified World Class speaking coaching, and member of the elite Platinum speakers Group.

Why should you learn Standing Ovation Public Speaking System?

Standing Ovation Speaking system is different than other speaking system because it will demystify and bust through the myths around public speaking. You will learn proven strategies world class speakers use to create iron clad connection with their audience, how to structure your speech to keep your audience engaged, and strategies to make your speech memorable long after you have left the stage. And that is only the beginning of what you will learn:

  • Overcome the 4 Myths of Public Speaking that stop you from being a powerful and unforgettable speaker
  • The difference between a business vs motivational speaking
  • 4 Strategies to create a iron clad connection with you audience within the first few minutes of taking the stage
  • How to present with confidence and poise before your audience
  • Learn to rehearse your speech in half the time.
  • Use the AA strategies to deepen the your connection with the audiences
  • How to structure your speech to deliver a more powerful speech
  • Make your presentation come alive using Emotional memory
  • How to maintain an iron clad of connect with your audience using Call Backs
  • Make your presentation unforgettable by creating Special Moments
  • V.A.K sequence that can make your stories come alive in the mind of the audience
  • 7 step Speech Design Formula you can use to create unforgettable presentation that your audience will remember long after you have left the stage
  • How to get paid for give your speech
  • Plus Much, Much, More!

How Should You Sign-up For Standing Ovation Public Speaking System Coaching?

Wade only takes a limited number of private coaching clients based upon his schedule. Each session is held in private and in 1 hour increments .You should check for his availability by contacting the office of Randolph Unlimited at 804-986-1050 or wade@themoreguy.com

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