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Motivational Presentations

All Keynotes Are Customized To Fit The Needs Of The Audience

Most people want to live a peaceful and pleasurable life. Yet, you can face a health problem, job loss, money problems, etc, which will erase any sense of peace and pleasure from you. Because of these events, you may feel that you are knocked down in life. I can relate to being knocked down in life, because some years ago, I lost everything in a house fire; except for the clothes on my back. Shortly after the fire, I met with various family members, who showered me with words of compassion. But it was after the meeting between my mom and me that went differently than I expected. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I could either let this fire break me or I could use it to bring out my best to build an even better life. After internalizing her words, I became relentless in my determination to create a better life for myself. Because of this, I set personal development goals that demanded the most out of me, read countless books from influential people on the principles of success, and worked long hours on various jobs. Sometimes, I felt the pursuit of a better life was too difficult, and I wanted to give-up.

But during those times, I would reflect upon that conversation with my mom after my house fire, and her words would reenergize me. Finally, after years of disciplined stretching of myself my dream for fulfilling and successful life became a reality. In Wade Randolph’s following motivational speeches, you will learn real life proven strategies from a man who climbed his way back up after losing big times in life. If you and your group are facing challenges and want to learn how to win against them in order to reclaim peace and pleasure in life, then any one of these of motivational presentations will be right for you and your audience.

Wade Randolph, CEO of Randolph Unlimited, specializes in leadership, teamwork, communication, and motivation. He is author of the bookStaying Strong Through The Strong and Leadership-911:How To Lead During Times of Change, Challenge And Chaos. Additionally, He is co-author of a #1 bestselling book on Amazon.com titled World Class Speaking in Action.

Mr. Randolph is unlike other speakers and trainers because his expertise is derived not only from in-depth study, but also from real life experience. His expertise enabled him to manage several multi-million dollar real estate firms during his twenty-eight year real estate career.

For the past eleven years, Mr. Wade Randolph has traveled nationally and internationally speaking to business audiences on the best practices in leadership, teamwork, communication, motivation, and Neuro-Linguistics. Additionally, Wade constantly shares new strategies for improving performance and productivity in the workplace. One of the highlights of his speaking career was giving a live presentation at Westminster Hall in London, England.

Wade Randolph is dedicated to motivating and training today’s business professionals to be achievers, leaders and history makers. He believes, “People can do almost anything, if you help them improve their mindset and skill set.”

Staying Strong Through The Storms

In life you may encounter devastating problems with your health, finances, or relationships which make you feel like you are in a raging storm. During a raging storm, people tend to seek shelter and sit back hoping the storm will pass quickly. However, most storms in life never pass quickly; it often only gain momentum with the passing of time. Because of this, the rage and fury of a storm can quickly trap you. At this point, you may feel powerless and find yourself pondering the question, “how will I make it through the storm?”
Wade Randolph in his keynote presentation Staying Strong through Storm will share with you his insight and strategies on how to persevere during the storms of life. Additionally, in this keynote presentation you and your audience will learn:

  • The number one mistake most people make when facing a storm in life
  • When to seek shelter vs when to keep moving forward
  • How to stay resilient during time of adversity
  • Four strategies you must implement to overcome a storm in life
  • Plus much, Much, More

This presentation is based upon Wade’s best selling book with the same title.

Don’t Give Up on Your Dream

Is there a dream that you really want to purse in your life? Maybe you fantasize  being the owner of your own business, or traveling to foreign country, or pursuing a new career, etc. However, the more you think about it you may start to wonder if you have the capabilities to achieve the dream. Doubts start to trickle into your mind like a heavy rain, and now, you begin  to tell yourself how foolish it was consider the idea.
If you are ready to give  up on pursuing your dream, than this presentation is for you! In Don’t Give-up on Your Dream presentation, you will be discover:

  • 3 main reasons that most people give-up on pursing their dream and how to overcome them
  • Develop unshakable confidence using O.M.M.S. Technique
  • How utilizing Power Partners can help you break through your doubts

Customized Presentation for Your Next Event

Contact Wade to develop a customized presentation for your event. You can be certain that his presentation will be exciting, enjoyable and entertaining for your group. Your group will be talking about his presentation long after your event is done! Overall, Wade’s goal is to make you event an outstanding success! Book Wade to speak at your event today!

Making It Through One of Life’s Fires

You can be certain that sooner or later , you’ll face some type of challenge in your life such as a problem with your health, family finance, employment, to name a few.  It may feel like a fire is to burning through every positive aspect of your life. It can turn into a raging inferno the longer this problem exist. When this happens, what steps should you take to regain normalcy in your life?
Let Wade in his keynote presentation, Making It Though the Fire, provide you the necessary steps. Here is insight of what you will learn

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