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Wade Randolph, CEO of Randolph Unlimited, specializes in leadership, teamwork, communication, and motivation. He is author of the book Stay Strong Through The Strong and   Leadership -911: How To Lead During Times of Change, Challenge And Chaos. Additionally, He is co-author of a #1 bestselling book on Amazon.com titled World Class Speaking in Action.

Mr. Randolph is unlike other speakers and trainers because his expertise is derived not only from in-depth study, but also from real life experience. In 1987, Wade lost everything he owned in a house fire. A few weeks later, due to company downsizing, he was laid off.

Unwilling to allow adversity to define him, Wade changed careers and entered the real estate industry. Within a few years of hard work, he developed a proficiency in sales and became one of the most successful realtors in the Richmond area. His success as a real estate agent led to real estate management. To enhance his skills, Wade studied management, leadership, teamwork and Neuro-linguistics (the study of human achievement). Armed with this knowledge, he was able to manage several multi-million dollar real estate firms during his twenty-eight year real estate career.

For the past eleven years, Mr. Wade Randolph has traveled nationally and internationally speaking to business audiences on the best practices in leadership, teamwork, communication, motivation, and Neuro-Linguistics. Additionally, Wade constantly shares new strategies for improving performance and productivity in the workplace. One of the highlights of his speaking career was giving a live presentation at Westminster Hall in London, England.

Wade Randolph is dedicated to motivating and training today’s business professionals to be achievers, leaders and history makers. He often tells his audience his goal is to help them “ grow more, achieve more and be more.” Wade believes, “People can do almost anything, if you help them improve their mindset and skill set.”





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