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What Is It That Leaders Actually Do ?

(A Recent Radio Interview )

Wade: Here is my point, seek to understand rather than being understood. He had to stop …., he had to listen, listen at a deep level, that’s what I tell my client’s, learn to understand what the person is going through and instead of looking down on them, look up and see what they can become and help them become that. If we call us, we stop and listen and understand each other then we empower each other. We help people reach beyond their limitations and we also pull us up instead down

Carl: I can imagine that the relationship between that gentleman and the rest of that team particularly those who were taking care of the food improved quite a bit

Wade: Not only improved, they became one and a great leader is a person that can create such environment that we work towards a goal, a single goal, a goal that empowers us. Let me tell you, often when I talk leadership, I ask people, if you are in management you are a leader, if you are the janitor, you are a leader but what are the three essential things that a leader does? What are three essential things a leader does because I don’t care what type of leadership you practice? What are the three things a leader really does? Let me give you those three things and if you are with us, you would write this down. A good leader breaks through the limitations. What limitations do your people have and what do you have to put in place to help them break through? You know I remember because some of us have client’s that are now still in the Pro’s of money problems or the recession, for some people they say the recession is over, for some people it is not but I remember hearing a speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt from the 1930s when we were in the Pro’s of depression and he said that we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Carl: Yes sir

Wade: And those words became a theme throughout history

Carl: Yes sir

Wade: What did he do? He helped the people break through the limitations because the one thing that limits us is fear and one thing that frees us is, empowering language.

Next a leader removes the pain. There are some people Carl, they are going through pain even on this forum people are hearing our voice, listening to your show, regularly they tune in because they want to get past the pain that they are facing. Maybe the pain of the job that is holding them back, maybe the pain whether they are experiencing it physically, maybe the pain because they don’t want to even go home this evening because home no longer became a place that they can keep their feet on and a good leader would just sit back and say, let me give some new ideas of how to get past it, let me just listen to you for a moment. Think about Nelson Mandela. Mandela knew that his people were already in pain and what did he do? He said first come a long distance thinker and he proved every day to show his people ways to get past the pain of apartheid. All we got to ask ourselves if we are being a leader, how do we remove people from the pain that they are going through because sometimes life is hell men and they say if you are going through hell, keep running that’s how it goes to show people they can outrun the pain and when they are tired of running to turn around and face it and say I am bigger than that, I am stronger than that, I am more than that, help them get through the pain.

Here is the last thing, improve the situation. How are you as a leader helping to improve the situation? You see what stops this is; sometimes our mind said the things we have to answer. Sometimes we don’t have answer, we got to bring people in to help us find the right answer, and it is called getting past possibility blindness. Some people are blind to the possibility and when you bring good minds, good thoughts, good people, they are going to act upon reaching a higher level of vision, a higher level of life bringing them together, you help them improve the situation. How you are helping your people, the thing that is in your environment, even at home even your kids even the co-worker, how are you helping them improve the situation if you are a leader

Carl: I had like to say that you are emphasizing the importance of helping them improve the situation, so it is not something that a leader is doing solo and runs the risk of being in a situation where the rest of the people don’t buy into it but when they are working together, he is helping them improve their own situation so that everyone buys into together we do this as a team and that are imagine as a result get a whole lot better result

Wade: You know it is like getting on a bus, if you have ever being on a bus you would be amazed sometimes their GPS isn’t working, the bus driver doesn’t know where he is going but how does he get to everyone on the bus after he has listened a little bit to where everyone has to be dropped off to and gets himself bearing and put that GPS on, we know we are on a ride to our destination. You got to get people on the same bus, you got to listen to where they want to go and sometimes it is up to the bus driver no more than the leader to keep listening till we get to the right destination

Leadership is based on a mindset of improvement, excellence and reaching beyond ones’ comfort zone.

If you want new results in life then you must learn new information and apply it in your life

If you want new results in life then you must learn new information and apply it in your life

Habits are the doorway to your destiny

Strength comes from stretching beyond your comfort zone

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